Events+ widget (Network Upcoming) gives the wrong link to single event page


I am having a bit of trouble with a widget that comes with Events+. It is called the ‘Network Upcoming’ widget. I’m assuming that it is meant to list the upcoming events that have been posted anywhere on your network – which is really what I’m looking for.

As of right now, I have the main network site and one child site. The child site has two test events created with Events+. When I activate the ‘Network Upcoming’ widget on the main network site, it lists the upcoming events from the child site correctly. But, the title of each event is a link, and when clicked, they do not go to the page devoted to that event on the child site, as you would suspect. One of the test events is linked back to the main network site and the second test event is linked to ‘/blog/6-revision/’

Not sure why this is happening. I have the ‘Recent Global Posts’ widget installed right below and it is also showing the two events (since they’re the most recent on the network) and clicking on the titles in that widget takes me to the correct pages. Any idea why this may be happening?? Any way that I could get the titles to link straight to the event page itself?