Ever considered outsorcing technical support?

Hi, this is not a technical question as such, but I could not find any other place to ask.

When setting up a new website, maybe primarily a multisite network, using a lot of plugins, there is always issues of some sort. Sometimes a lot of them. Submitting tickets for each and everyone is time consuming for both the member as well as youself. It often takes some time to resolve a problem.

Have you ever considered offering a “outsourced” technical staff service?

It would be much better for us to set up a site, make a list of issues, call in you guys, give you admin username and password, and let you fix it for us. For a fee of course.

And maybe also offer a service where you can log in and solve issues when they might arise also after the site is set up and is in production mode. Fast.

For business websites that might have been a valuable service. We would be happy to pay for such a service.