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Hello everyone

I am currently creating an Etsy like site.
Unfortunately, I am stuck at the register.
The website is
If I click under Meta on register, I get to a page where I can log in.
When clicking there on "create account" the site does not change.
It seems it is directing me on activity site.
Under my buddypress I have the following settings>


Associate a WordPress Page with each BuddyPress component directory.
Activity Streams Sample Page New Page View
Members Store New Page View


Associate WordPress Pages with the following BuddyPress Registration pages.
Register Activity New Page View
Activate Sample Page New Page View

I am not sure what "Activity" and "Member" means

Furthermore wordpress gives me on the dashboard the following error "Each BuddyPress Component needs its own WordPress page. The following WordPress Pages have more than one component associated with them: Sample Page."

I followed this tutorial before

I think I might simply need to create a new site, install a plug in and change some settings.

Can anyone help me to create a register so other users can log in?

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    Go to your general/network settings and make sure that you are allowing new registrations.

    To remove the warning go to your Buddypress settings and click the pages tab and make sure that you have a page assigned to each Buddypress component. For example if you do not have a groups page you need to create a page (you can mane it anything you want) and then assign that page to groups. Do this for all the components that don't have pages.

    *If you do not have a page set for the registration component that could be causing some of your registration problems as well.

    The Activity page will show the activity of members on your site. The Members page will list all the members that are registered on your site.

    Please post any more questions you may have.

    Best regards,

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    Hi there @tim_osterbuhr

    I hope you are well today, David (@SqueezyDee) has giving really good advice there :slight_smile:

    By default if you have BuddyPress installed, you would normally have a page called (but that link could be different if you have assigned the registration page defined to something different). The last screenshot David provided, could you post the same screenshot from your settings?

    Thank you for being a WPMU DEV member!

    Kind Regards

  • SemiKolon
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    wow thank you so much for your help!
    it all makes much more sense to me now.
    Do I need to insert a any kind of shortcut to the registration site or does anyone know where to find a shortcut/ link that would create a registration page?
    Where can I find the link?

    Here is a screenshot of my settings

    Again thanks so much

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    Your registration page will be the page you define in the Buddypress settings. All you need to do is create a signup button directing the user to that page or create a custom menu at Appearance --> Menus and add the page to the menu navigation.

    I'm glad we could help!

    Best regards,

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