How to update non working hours of service provider?

Appointment+ has a feature for service providers to update thier non working days. Is there any facility if a service provider wants to take some hours off during a day? How can service provider update such non working hours?

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    The working hours that are set for a service provider for any given day apply to that same day every week. For example, if a service provider adjusts the hours for the Monday to account for time off during the current week, that will also affect the Monday of all other weeks.

    Currently, there are 2 ways that a service provider can block times of only certain days, without affecting the rest of the schedule:

    - They can block off those times by simply creating appointments with themselves. This is especially easy if you do not charge a fee for appointments, or if you have allowed service provider access to the Appointments Settings after activating the Administrative Permissions addon.

    - Or they can configure the 2-way integration with their Google calendars. Then, when they block off times in their Google calendars, those times will be shown as not possible on your site's make-an-appointment schedule.

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