Exclude protected content from search results for non-members


how can I exclude protected content from search results for non-members?

I have different memberships but all posts show up in search results also for non-members.

Waht can I do to really protect the content?


  • Jude

    Hi there @Ingenieurbüro Dr. Plesnik GmbH

    Hope you are keeping well

    Any content that has been set to be protected from a membership will NOT appear in search results. But please remember that any grant rule to content will trump any other rules that may restrict it.

    As my colleague Patrick puts it

    For example, let's say you protect a "Movies" category on a membership, but grant access to a "Reviews" category on that same membership. If a post is in both categories, users on that membership will have access to the post, and it will appear in search results for them.

    If you explicitly want to hide some posts from search you can try something like this



  • Ingenieurbüro Dr. Plesnik GmbH


    thanks for the reply but your information is incorrerct. Please use the granted access to the site I just open and see for yourself.

    There is a lot of categories blocked for non-members but the posts still show up in search results.

    Please visit the website and use the search function on top menu right. Search for the term "wlan" and click the very first post entitled "Datenschutz | WLAN Nutzungsvereinbarung für Besucher".

    You will be redirected to the protected content page. So it is a protected content showing up in the search results.

    All categories this post is assigned to are protected.

    Please help.

  • Michael Bissett

    Hey @Ingenieurbüro Dr. Plesnik GmbH, my apologies for the extreme delay here!

    While the site noted in the support information seems to be down presently (if you opened access to a different one originally, could you mention which one please, and re-enable Support Access to it?), I tried to replicate your situation, but found myself unable to, as I'm seeing that protecting a post category is successfully removing the associated posts from the search results (I tried viewing this as a logged out non-member).

    On the site in question (when you're able to), could you try updating to version of Membership 2 Pro please on the site in question, and seeing if that helps? That's the version I'm running presently, where it's working for me. :slight_smile:

    Please advise,

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