Excluding post from BP-daily-theme slide(featured content section)


In the BP-daily-theme options, the slide for featured content section picks the post to display automatically. Is there a way to exclude a particular post from appearing in the slide other than removing it from selected category for the slideshow or changing the time and date it was posted


  • Arun Basil Lal
    • New Recruit

    Hey @uc

    There is no direct way to do this (having an option to exclude some posts would be nice).

    Here is a work around. Find a child theme attached. If you are not using a child theme yet, just upload it and activate it. If you are already using one, copy the /library/ folder into it.

    Open up /library/components/featured-slideshow.php. Search for “10626” and you will find an area where you can give the post ID’s that you wish to exclude as a comma separated list.

    Good luck!

  • uc
    • The Incredible Code Injector

    Hey Arun,

    Quite sometime. Thanks for your quick response. I am using a child theme and have thought about that, the only problem is that I will be that every or need to give my client access to editing the theme which can cause some problem

    In any case can this be added as an option for future update. It will be nice if you can get this across to the developer



  • CoppellDarryl
    • New Recruit

    Hey I see that your post is seven months old, but I just started using the theme. I have a similar situation. My workaround is this. In addition to whatever category a post may go in, I created a category I call “Feature Posts”. If I want an article to appear in the slideshow, I assign that post to “Feature Posts” as well as whatever the real category would be. If I don’t want the post to be in the slider, I simply don’t assign it to “Feature Posts”.

    Naturally you need to set your slide show to only show “Feature Posts” category items.

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