Exibition gallery feature that enlarges photos with slider broken,

My server manager found

Hey Mike,

It looks like there may be a problem with the theme. It seems that there are a bunch of javascript and CSS files that cannot be found:

“NetworkError: 404 Not Found – http://mamaisoninteriordesign.com/wp-content/themes/gallery/library/scripts/superfish.js?ver=3.2.1”


“NetworkError: 404 Not Found – http://mamaisoninteriordesign.com/wp-content/themes/gallery/library/scripts/custom.js?ver=3.2.1”


“NetworkError: 404 Not Found – http://mamaisoninteriordesign.com/wp-content/themes/gallery/library/scripts/jquery.pajinate.min.js?ver=3.2.1”


“NetworkError: 404 Not Found – http://mamaisoninteriordesign.com/wp-content/themes/gallery/_inc/css/layout.css”


“NetworkError: 404 Not Found – http://mamaisoninteriordesign.com/wp-content/themes/gallery/_inc/css/bp-default.css”

Maybe Ma-Maison had an older version of the theme and an update broke it? I was looking in the theme zip for these files and none of them exist. I went back a few versions and after looking as far back as 1.2.3 I couldn’t find any of these files. This makes me think that maybe there is another problem separate from the missing files, only because I don’t think they would have functionality broken that long.