Existing post categories and thousands of posts to convert to listings

Hi -

The Directory plugin is absolutely what I needed. But I have been using original categories and there are thousands of posts already indexed in google for over an year - /category/postname.

Now - this plugin needs me to create custom post types: called "listings" and wants me to create taxonomies like Arts etc (which would be replaced by my categories) ... which is fine, but how do I do the following:

1. Keep my links intact and not change my URLS so I dont get thousands of 404s when people come from google.
2. Convert automatically from post to listings and convert existing categories to taxonomies.
3. Remove option of posts altogether ... not needed together with listings.

PLEASE help =) !!

  • Philip John


    1. It's not going to be possible to keep the same URLs but you could generate redirects for your listings using WP_Rewrite so that the pages don't produce 404s.

    2. Your best bet with this is probably to export your current listings and then edit the resulting XML file to use custom post types and taxonomies so that re-importing creates new listings under the new post type.

    4. You don't really need to remove this - just not use it, but if you really want to you can do so using Admin Menu Editor.


  • graphitewpmud

    Thanks Phil for the tips - today hasn't been a particularly good day =)

    btw in addition to CTRL F and replace, there is also the convert post type plugin - works great - throws all posts from whichever categories you desire into custom post types and taxonomies of choice...

    the only challenge now that I can move posts is to MANIPULATE the url finally created:


    Now, %postname% is fine - because it is in its originl position. I only need to steal the word listings from the permalink structure the plugin is creating.... in place of "listings", there must surely be a way to input the name of the taxonomy - seems strange otherwise? like%taxonomy%

    This theme was such a near miss otherwise, I mean just for half a permalink?

  • graphitewpmud

    Hi admins -

    I would appreaciate help on how to to convert my permalinks using the directory theme and plugin from:




    The reason I ask is because my DB is stressed with thousands - (by the end of year 50K posts) ... of posts with permalinks starting with non numerical identifiers. I need a numerical identifier in there while I use the directory theme.

    Please help - Thanks in advance!!!

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