Existing site does not exist for clone replacement.

When attempting to replace an existing site in the network using Cloner the site suggest feature doesn't bring up the site using either the original blog name or the mapped domain name. I just get the error that the site doesn't exist.

Is this an issue with the plugin or a potential conflict?

  • Michelle Shull

    Hey there, pccweb!

    It sounds like it might be either a conflict with another plugin, or there's a chance the site you're trying to clone isn't configured correctly. Let's check that, first, because it's the easiest.

    If you can navigate to the site's dashboard and front page, we can rule out misconfiguration.

    If that's ruled out, the next step to check for is a plugin conflict, by disabling (just temporarily) all your other plugins to see if Cloner will start allowing you to choose the site by name.

    Let us know if either of these reveal anything!

  • pccweb

    Not sure what you're asking me to look for on the dashboard of the site I'm cloning to state that it is or isn't configured correctly.

    Note after I first submitted the clone process the existing site in the network that I was cloning the clone site to no longer resolves, I just get a screen stating that the server cannot be found. Nothing has changed in the server settings, DNS settings .htaccess redirects or anything. My thoughts are perhaps that the clone plugin is conflicting with the Domain Mapping plugin.

  • pccweb

    Well the domain has been reinstated, but no joy with the clone process. Strange thing is the site to be replaced with the clone process is showing that it's mapped i.e. the URL that resolves is example.ca as opposed to the mainsite.ca/example/ URL however, in the list of mapped domains (using the domain mapping plugin) the site isn't listed as being mapped. So as a result when attempting the clone the site to be replaced is stated as not existing. How's that for a brain teaser?

  • pccweb

    The Cloner plugin didn't work at all. After deleting the original site that I was trying to clone the development site to the cloning process still did not work. My only resort was to use the development site as the new site by changing the subdomain redirect from the original subdomain to be from the development site subdomain to the website domain name. I had high hopes for the Cloner plugin. I'm not sure where the issue is whether it's with the Cloner plugin itself or a conflict with the Domain Mapping plugin or something completely different. Suffice it to say I won't be using the Cloner plugin in the future, no confidence in it.

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