Expanding the recent updated plugins section

I've been meaning to ask about this for some time. Is there a recently updated plugin page on this site? I notice that the short list appears in the sidebar but for several reasons I'd like to be able to see further back than this list allows. Maybe some sort of archive page that orders the recently updated plugins would be appropriate.

Here's one scenario that came up recently which might help explain why I'd like to see this.
I built a client site and turned off update notification (I almost always do it this way) However I still from time to time like to update certain plugins for my extended term clients... especially when it's a significant feature upgrade. I'm likely to miss the fact that certain plugins have been updated so I have a local WP install with all the plugins I download. It's dedicated to notifying me of updates. But of course it's a huge and slow monster of a plugin folder and it's only going to get bigger at this rate.

So a dedicated archive of the updated plugins would be a welcome addition to the site I think.

Any thoughts?