Experiencing redirect loops on my multisite network

I recently restored my database with dreamhost and finally got the site back up and running after multiple live chats with my host support. However, I am experiencing redirect loops all over the place. Each page on my site redirects back to the home page and all my network sites don't show up at all except with an error stating there is a redirect loop. Another concern or maybe the problem is that I am sure my site's url address did not have www in it and now it does. the database on the server also is using www but when I looked in the wp-config file, it says define('DOMAIN_CURRENT_SITE', 'ecraftandshare.com');

Could this be the problem? I had to go into the wp-config file and change the multisite definitions to true when I saw that my network sites and dashboards were not showing up. I fixed that but am now getting these redirects everywhere.

I have enabled staff to get access to dashboard already. Please help. My site has been non functional for over 24 hours already.