Expert Step By Step Advice Needed - Plugins Set Up and User Access Control - Willing to pay $$

Hey Guys

Sorry if this question is a bit busy, but I dont quite know how to ask it :slight_smile:

In short - I want to be able to grant a user group with specific access to the back end of my site.

The longer version! :

I am new to wordpress and website design, and have been busy working my way through a sea of plugins. Ive created a number of small business websites using wordpress recently, and these have led to a lot of referals - which is great. Alot of people though want to be able to edit parts of their sites so this has led me to find the best way I can roll this out across the simple sites that I have created.

I know there are a few different plugins that help with this, but after literally weeks of trying, I just cant get it exactly right! - and am now just going around in circles :slight_smile:

I dont have a great deal of money but im more than happy to pay for a persons time to record a screen capture video showing me exactly how to do the following :

Amoung others I have installed the HTML newsletter plugin from WPMU DV.

Ive also installed a membership theme that allows some one with administritive rights to access a users profile where the theme has added a new text box. Admin can then add text or files etc to that users specific members page for their eyes only.

Another plug in ives installed is the FAQ plugin. This is simple and allows the admin to ask a question and then add the answer.

So I would like to grant access for the

HTML Newsletter section
FAQ Section
Users - add, delete etc
Posts - add,edit,delete etc

This would allow a user to add blog posts, add users and then enter their profile page, and new FAQ'a as well as add newsletters.

Is anybody in a position to guide me in the right direction on this one?

If I can sort this then I can do this across all of my sites.

Really hope some one is able to help.

Hope to hear from you soon
Kind regards