Expiration Date and Registration Code

Hello WPMU community,

I've developed digital tools to go along with the Biology Lab Manual I've written. I'm trying to protect the content on the site, so they can only see it if they bought the lab manual (there is a code in each manual). Is there a way to modify the registration page so they have to provide the code to complete their registration?

The site's current registration page lists the student membership as "free." It's not free - they have to have a code. Can I change the word "free?"

I also want the membership to expire in 6 months. How do I add an expiration date?

I'd also like to further test the page, but I'm unsure of how to do that, since I already show up as admin. I've tried the tools, can't quite get it.

Thank you,

  • Tyler Postle

    Hey Amy,

    Hope you're doing well today!

    If you go to:

    Protect Content > Settings > membership pages. Then you can "edit" them.

    They should have just shortcodes on them and you can edit the shortscodes however you like :slight_smile:

    You will find information on the shortcodes via:

    Protect Content > Help > Shortcodes.

    You can also add those shortcodes to any page you like, doesn't have to be those ones.

    I also want the membership to expire in 6 months. How do I add an expiration date?

    With a free membership this isn't possible with Protected Content. What you could do is make it a paid plan then supply a 100% off coupon :slight_smile:

    Alternatively, you could use our Membership plugin.

    Membership has an Invite Code add-on so you can require invite codes before registration :slight_smile:

    We are working on this feature for protected content too. Just keep in mind that if you move to Membership now, that you won't be able to jump back to Protected Content later on without having to recreate the membership levels.

    Hope this helps Amy! Let us know if you have any further questions here. More than happy to help you get this setup.


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