Expiration of subscription and Product Code Registration in Protected Content

Hello WPMU community,

I've developed digital tools to go along with the Biology Lab Manual I've written. I'm trying to protect the content on the site, so they can only see it if they bought the lab manual (there is a code in each manual). Is there a way to modify the registration page so they have to provide the code to complete their registration?

The site's current registration page lists the student membership as "free." It's not free - they have to have a code. Can I change the word "free?"

I also want the membership to expire in 6 months. How do I add an expiration date?

I'd also like to further test the page, but I'm unsure of how to do that, since I already show up as admin. I've tried the tools, can't quite get it.

Thank you,

  • Michelle Shull

    Hi there, Amy!

    Protected Content doesn't currently support invite codes, although that is a very popular feature request. Our Membership plugin, which has a lot in common with Protected Content, does offer invite codes which would work here. I'm happy to add your response here to the other members who've requested it. In the meantime, if it's critical, you might consider hiring a dev (like from our jobs board here) to add this functionality.

    What we might be able to do here is work with the manual payment gateway. The manual gateway allows you to enter special instructions for users, which could include an email address to send the invite code to. Using the manual gateway, students have to be approved manually, so you could ensure each had an invite code. Protected Content coupons could also work (100% off), but that's probably a bit too fast and loose for your plans here.

    To set up a six month subscription, take a look at my screenshot below. Even though your course is free, select "this is a paid course." You can set the cost to $0, that's fine, but that will let you create a finite subscription length of six months.

    To use the "test memberships" feature, use the tool on the admin bar to select the membership you want to test. Now go to your site's front end and test the pages you've protected in each membership level. As an alternative, you can create test users and log in to those accounts via incognito browser windows or different browsers.

    And it looks like this may be a duplicate thread here, my colleague Tyler answered you elsewhere.

    Have a great day, Amy!

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