Expiration time not correct. How to modify expiration TIME

The updated membership 2 plugin now displays an actual expiration TIME on the Join Membership page. Is this time accurate? The default time when Start Date is left blank is reporting the wrong time also. UTC -6 selected in Wordpress settings sets the time -6 hours of the actual time reported by the Wordpress Settings Page. There is no input point in the plugin to modify times or use wordpress setting time as reference. This is critical as the expiration should default at 11:59pm of the actual DATE selected which what occurred in previous versions. Why is the plugin now using DATE and TIME without the ability to modify the TIME?

  • Zachary
    • Flash Drive

    After further thought and future updates: Expiration time of a membership should be in reference to the time zone set in Wordpress Settings of the particular blog. The actual expiration should follow the specific timezone selected in a users profile. And a users timezone should be selectable as a required or optional during registration.

  • Luís
    • Support

    Hi @Zachary,

    I hope had been good today!

    Regarding to your questions, I flagged the developer to give us your valuable feedback.

    Also, I've just moved this over to our Features and Feedback, so it can be taken into consideration for the next plugin updates.

    Hopefully some other members will show their support for the feature too, the more members that ask for it the sooner it will happen.

    Cheers, Luís

  • Zachary
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    Update: for others who may need a specific time to end a membership, and make sure it happens for the user in their timezone, do the following:

    Install: "Use Client's Time Zone" Plugin by : M.D. Green (Multi-Site: Network Activate)

    Set your blog UTC to +0 in Settings (This will set Start and End Time to 00:00:00 if there is a Date Present in the database fields for Start and End Date)

    Leave start date blank (or you may have to enter a date initially , and then delete in database. Leaving the start date blank or deleting it after creating your membership in the database, the date set by the TimeZone plugin will be used.) Note: If you need to use a specific start date, this workaround may not work for you, as your start time will become static based upon the UTC set in your blog settings.

    Edit End Date in Database. (search your database by the MS Membership ID. The membership details are stored in the blogs Post Meta under Post ID which = The Membership ID. For instance, if your end date is 2015-12-05 in the database for End Date and you need to add the time in 24 hour format that you want the membership to expire after the date. i.e. 2015-12-05 02:00 (the users membership will expire at 2:00 AM. or 02:00.

    Hope this helps. It is a very tricky workaround. Took me several hours to figure it out.

  • Philipp Stracker
    • The Crimson Coder

    Hi Zach,

    thanks for the heads-up!
    I've added the timezone issue to the review list, I think you are right about this.

    However, displaying an expiration-TIME was unintentional, as the plugin does not compare the time-component of the expiration-date, just the date part. There was a glitch in the date-formatting function that is solved in next update.
    I checked with the latest plugin code and did not find the expiration time anywhere. If you still see it, then please tell us/post a screenshot and we fix it.

    Thanks, Philipp

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