Expired event simple list for Widget (shortcode)


The Upcoming Events widget is great, but I would also like to display a simple list of past events, since I am using it to organise meetings and want to easily link back to past meetings.

I have installed a shortcode widget and am using the [eab_expired] shortcode. So far so good (except I have to set past events to expired instead of archived as I don't want to include future events and cannot make the arguments work for the archive shortcode).

The widget now displays expired events, but it includes unnecessary information, especially the export functions to iCal and gcal. I had a play with templates (that is, I spent a couple of hours researching, looking for calls/hooks, classes, etc....!) but since I am no php developer, and my css is pretty basic too, anything beyond very simple functions is beyond me.

Ideally the shortcode would include arguments to show/hide certain event details but I guess not many will be using Events+ in this way.

So I would like to know how to do this manually, perhaps via a template file in my theme (I have a child theme I am using which can house the custom code).

As I say, all I want to do is display a clickable link to past events (say, the last 3-6, as there are usually no more than 1 or 2 in a month). If it's easy to specify what information is included, great, otherwise, I'd be happy with just the name, as I include information to identify the meeting in the name.

I hope that's clear!