Expiry date not set while Importing data in Membership 2 Pro

I have created one plan (test1) with 1 year validity and payment_type = finite.

Plan List look like :

While I export data from (settings->Import tool ->Export data).
I got plan detail like:

Finally I Importing m2-import.json file.

I have set one member detail in m2-import.json like:

"id": 10003,
"membership": 10001,
"status": "active",
"gateway": "admin",
"start": "2016-01-21",
"end": "2017-01-21",
"trial_finished": "1",

Data are imported success fully,But I face following issue:
1.Membership plan detail changed (Now it's become Free)

2."Expires on" Field is blank in Subscription Details Popup.