Explanation of Colour options and corresponding default.css entries

I'm making color changes to the default.css preset option via the Colour options. I'm having a hard time understanding what entries in the css correspond to each of the color option fields. For example:

Link current colour - where is this in the default.css file? (I see references for link, visited and hover in the css file , but not "current")

Text colour - what entry is this in the css?

It's hard for me to tell what each entry in the Colour Options relates to in a css file so I was hoping you have a reference doc I could use for this purpose.

Thanks for any help!


    @melete26: I'm going to assume you are using Magazine but could do with confirmation as only see a tag. That being said not sure what you mean by where is this in the default.css file. Default is what you select to be able to use the colour picker. Now to change things in CSS my recommendation would be that you use a plugin called firebug which literally allows you to see what a CSS elements is and where it is in regards to what file.

    There is no reference documentation for this however the names are semantic in most cases to enable understanding. If you don't see a reference this probably means it isn't set - current isn't a typical one to set. However again you can create whatever you want and add it.

    Here's the tutorial for firebug:


    In future when you report something providing what set up you are using and a link can help speed up support so please do that.