Explanation of Proper Nettiquite for Points

Greetings. New, here and trying to figure out the proper way to respect the point system. I have absolutely no experience in how this is fairly, respectfully and expectation wise, handled. In my haste to just come and go, I feel I may have already overlooked the proper way of handling this and have possibly not shown the proper appreciation for help I have already received.

Simply trying to get off on the right foot as I will be depending on the “kindness of strangers” to advance in my WP training and implementation. I would not want to be shunned because I do not know how to interact in these matters. Don’t hate me because I’m beautiful – AND a social cretin.

I’m a totally disabled vet and we tend to be shy and reclusive and are not known for being “joiners.” :slight_smile: That being said, we tend to be respectful of others, especially as it relates to time, deeply appreciative whenever anyone lends a helping hand (which we are loathe to ask for) and will always try to help others where we are able.

Please help me to be a welcomed member by pointing me to some explanatory info.

Cheers. – Frank