Explanation to answers after every answer is submitted in Quiz made using Forminator

I am trying to build a quiz using Forminator Quiz where I want to add the explaination of the answer after every answer is attempted. I do not see any out of the box way to do this but I figured 2 ways to do this.

1. Hustle Slide ins after every answer. The problem with this approach is that the slide in can come in too early or too late. For eg : Maybe before the answer is attempted or maybe after the user has attempted other answers too.

2. I can hold back the score and explanations till the end of the quiz and then show a pop up at the end of the quiz will all the explanations in it with the score. This is a second grade implementation and I am not a big fan of it.

I also thought of using conditional fields, but realized that there are no conditional fields in Quiz (which is a bummer :slight_frown: )

Is there a good way to implement what I want to.