Problem in ProSites? Registering through regular WP registration link.

Here's an interesting problem. I ended up registering through the regular register link via the wordpress login box.

When I did, the registration form opened just fine and it appeared that I was creating a new site/customer as it should.

However, once created, the site (and I was not given the opportunity to upgrade it or select a package) that was created gave me this message when I clicked the URL to visit it:

"This site is temporarily disabled until payment is received. Please check back later."

To make matters worse, the superadmin dash shows that the site created was outside the prosites confines. Instead of the prosites package being listed beside the site name (i.e. "Elite"), it simply said >>Manage<<, which is what you see when you manually create a new site via wordpress vs. ProSites.

So obviously then, even though it appeared to create a site correctly as it used the proper form, it actually created a website independent of and not using the prosites plugin.

Obviously this isn't acceptible, because it can be a hole to get around paying for a website. It seems like this registration link

Can someone please investigate this bug and then patch. This can be a serious issue for all prosites users.

@pc has my access info. I'd be happy to resend, but he does (well hopefully) still have it.

Thanks so much! WPMUDev rocks!