Export all USer data including Membership Data

Hello! I am using Membership on a site, and I just used the directions here: https://premium.wpmudev.org/forums/topic/gravity-forms-and-membership-signup#post-232538
for creating a custom registration form so that my client can collect more information (age, occupation, etc).
She really needs a way to generate some kind of report that shows all of the users that are in each membership plan with all of their user data. IN Gravity Forms, I can export a CSV of all entries that will show all of the data, EXCEPT it will not show the membership data (plan enrolled in and date membership expires specifically).
I tried using a plugin called Export User Data - but it doesn't export the membership data either.
Is there a plugin out there that will export all of the user data - including the membership data - to a CSV or XLS file?