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This is driving me batty. I'd like to export the total contents of a WordPress blog (ie posts, + pages + comments + tags + categories + media) to a new installation (mostly as a test). But advice such How to export images from media library when migrating and wordpress support : export assert that Tools : Export will attach images from the Media Library. In practice, with WP 3.1 this does not happen. The Export screen gives options to export 'all content', posts or pages but does not include the ability to attach media. Even the export on WordPress.com itself does not do this.
Is there any plugin that will allow me to attach contents of the Media Library to a blog export? If one cannot export or backup the Media Library you might as well use Flickr or Picasa and hot link to images there.
Thanks for any help offered.

  • Mason
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    Hiya Mark,

    WordPress doesn't provide for exporting of image attachments by default - instead it's one of the options when importing into WordPress. Are you using the WordPress importer plugin here?

    You're then given an option to import the images during the final step (as in the attached image here).

    If you're just looking to grab all the images (and not import into another WordPress install) I'd just grab them vita FTP in your wp-contents directory.


  • markpea
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    OK. I can't believe how easy this process is. I'm still gobsmacked. It's magic I tell you! My wordpress sandbox site is behind a fearsome firewall (so, all manual updating and no incoming FTP) and yet clicking the 'download and import file attachments' check box worked. What I was expecting was a Moodle type process of backing up media, downloading and then uploading. What I got was automated magic. The media was transferred to the new blog. All the links were made. Dates were preserved. Everything. I'd love to know how this works because as far as I can tell it's sheer magic.
    So, mega humble pie eating here -- fabulous plugin. Dead simple to transfer whole blogs.
    The only proviso is that you create a blank blog to do the import into and if it's a multi user blog you need to have the users added before the import.

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