Export & Embed WordPress Posts in Foundation (Zurb) based homepage.

I'm creating a website for a client using the Foundation framework made by Zurb. I'll also be installing a WP directory under a sub-folder/sub-domain. For example, http://mysite.com (Foundation) and http://mysite.com/news (WP).

My client will be making regular posts from his WP blog (/news) and these posts need to be displayed on the homepage.

There are two main parts to his site, 1) Services & 2) News. I'm choosing to use Foundation instead of installing WP in the root folder to give me more options when it comes to the design.

In short, I'm hoping someone can help me out with getting posts from said WP database (/news) and displaying/embedding them outside of the WP setup, on the homepage which is built on Foundation.

Greatly Appreciated!

Huge Thanks in Advance,

  • Timothy Bowers

    Hey there.

    I've never used that theme before but it does look real interesting.

    I was reading through their site but couldn't find anything about network posts (I'm sure you looked too) so it would seem you might need to code up a function for this, or alter the query where it pulls in normal posts.

    What you could do is take a look at our network theme or our GridMarket theme:



    Both of these pull in network wide posts. I did something similar in a WooTheme one for our MarketPress demo:


    Take care.

  • Timothy Bowers

    Hey again.

    I'm looking to pull posts from my WP installs (located in sub-directories) to be displayed outside of WP, on the homepage.

    So you're using separate WordPress installs then?

    This would be easier using Multisite and creating a function to pull in those network posts.

    If these are separate installs then maybe something via RSS would get the desired affect. If so then AutoBlog might help here:


    Or using an RSS widget. You would need to grab a category feed though, we do have a plugin for that but it's Multisite only.

    Take care.

  • Imperative Ideas

    Hey Timothy,

    Zurb is a CSS framework, not a WordPress framework. The grid is more advanced than the one over at Twitter Bootstrap but the JavaScript toys aren't as well developed. Bootstrap supports LESS CSS whereas Foundation supports SASS+Compass. Zurb makes the better framework for serious developers but Twitter's is more newbie-friendly. Either way, the goal is a responsive site that supports rapid prototyping. For 960.gs folks, they'll want to use the Gumby Framework.

    Motorcity -

    Are you running Aweshout's Foundry theme?

    If not, that's the one you should be building on top of. Anthony is a very good programmer and always willing to answer questions like yours. If that is what you are using, post your question here:

    If not, let me know what theme you are running and i'll have a look.

    Your question, however, has nothing to do with Foundation so that was sort of a distracting detail. The function you are asking about is the switch_to_blog() function in WordPress.


    Unfortunately, it's really under-developed. You will find that you can pull posts and post images but you will not be able to pull the featured images. That can be a bit frustrating. There are other plugins required to share the media library between the two sites.

    The last project I ran into this issue on, we decided to selectively mirror posts and pages using http://wordpress.org/extend/plugins/content-mirror/ - but that's a pretty manual process.

    The answer, as you will discover, is that there isn't an easy one-click solution to what you want to do. WP 3.5 in December won't improve on the situation at all either. Multi-site is somewhere between BBPress and custom post types in terms of its level of importance. If folks around here want better multi-site integration, the authors of these plugins need to get directly involved in the Wordpress core. As a group, they likely know more than almost anyone else in the WP community about these issues and really should be the ones leading the charge.

    I'll try to be helpful with any questions you have. If your post mirroring is selective, use the linked plugin. If you are mirroring entire categories then read up on the switch_to_blog() function.

    Best of luck,

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