export from marketpress workaround?

I'm really finding the lack of exporting orders from Marketpress to be a huge problem. Have any of you handy-dandy types come up with anything? custom or otherwise?

I've thought of a number of ways of doing this directly from PHPmyadmin, as I believe can use my shipping software to access my database directly via odbc, but some of the post content is not easily parse-able. For example:
a:2:{i:187;a:1:{i:1;a:6:{s:3:"SKU";s:11:"PR0014A-MED";s:4:"name";s:27:"Timmy's Drums: Medium (4-6)";s:3:"url";s:52:"https://printimates.com/store/products/timmys-drums/";s:5:"price";s:5:"17.00";s:8:"quantity";i:2;s:8:"download";b:0;}}i:189;a:1:{i:2;a:6:{s:3:"SKU";s:11:"PR0011A-LRG";s:4:"name";s:30:"Guest Coffee Pot: Large (8-10)";s:3:"url";s:56:"https://printimates.com/store/products/guest-coffee-pot/";s:5:"price";s:5:"17.00";s:8:"quantity";i:3;s:8:"download";b:0;}}}

I'd ask when the next version of Marketpress which incorporates this feature will be released, but I'm guessing not soon enough to satisfy my immediate need.