Export from WP Symposium to Buddypress

I have installed WP Symposium (WPS) on a client's site about a year ago, I am the ongoing web master for the same site, there have been hundreds of posts on it since then. Simon, the creator, has been very helpful, but now with my WPMU Dev membership I am seeing so many excellent plugins for Buddypress and am wondering if you have seen, known people switch from WPS over to Buddypress, especially since the new release of Buddypress that is more seamless with any theme...the original reason I didn't go with Buddypress in the first place is that it was too difficult to integrate into the theme I built. If so, do you know of any good ways to migrate content from WPS to Buddypress. I know you can go from Buddypress to WPS, but I can't seem to find anything that goes the other way. Thanks!