export or somehow separate one site from WP3 multi to stand alone


I have a network install running 3.3.2 install with 3 sites. I would like to remove one site (which is not the primary site, by the way) and set it up as its own instance.

I have exported the db in and re-uploaded it to the new host, transferred the files from old to new and even combed thu the db to edit the references to the old site.

The problem is that even when I change the settings in wp-config, I get errors galore. I have followed the instructions at http://www.wordpress-website.org/change-primary-domain-wordpress-multisite-network/ but changing the site ID and or the current domain do not seem to have any impact.

here is my question: Is there a way to do this without it being a complete pain in the rear? My plan was basically to clone the whole install and then just delete the other sites, but that does not appear to be possible, as even a simple clone results in copious error messages about headers already being sent.

Trying to manage multisite seems like trying to cut around a tumor. lots of blood vessels that can get in the way.

any ideas on what best practices are for this?