Exporting/Importing Wordpress Site

Hi there,

My programmer is having a hard time transferring the worpdress site with Upwork, could we get some help on this? Here is her email to me,

" I've succeeded in getting the site moved, but the Upfront editor you used has given us some issues. Normally when you move a site, for example from joany.ca/alexnew to just joany.ca, you can use a plugin called Velvet Blues to quickly update the locations of your images and links, so that anything that might have been pointing to /alexnew isn't looking there anymore.

Except Upfront didn't update it's templates when I ran this tool, and I don't know how to use Upfront to change where your site expects your images to be hosted. So for a while after the launch, your site was looking for images here, for example:
<img src=" //joany.ca/alexnew/wp-content/uploads/2016/04/DSC_2786-510x740-2746.jpg " alt="" title="" style="width:100%;"/>
when the new location should be
<img src=" //joany.ca/wp-content/uploads/2016/04/DSC_2786-510x740-2746.jp" alt="" title="" style="width:100%;"/>

So, for a while there, every image in your site was broken. I had to re-create the /alexnew folder in your site, and put a copy of your wp-content/uploads folder back in there,
so the images would be in the place where Upfront wanted them. This isn't the ideal solution, but it will keep the site from looking broken in the meantime. Can you check this out with the WPMU Dev staff, since you should have a membership to ask
them questions in the support forums? There should be a way to fix this."

Thanks Alex,