Extend plugin with more options

Hi guys,

I have been trying to get the Rating-Widget running together with the Floating Social plugin from WPMU DEV and it has not been successful. So I wanted to go use the Post Voting plugin, but really miss a lot of functionality that the Rating-Widget has. Now I have been looking around in this support forum and found out some of you guys out there want the same thing. Also the reason why I post this is because I rather use WPMU plugins to have everything better organized and also because I love you guys! :wink:

If you guys would be able to extend the Post Voting plugin with the same options the Rating Widget has then I truly believe you got yourself another winner!

I also been looking for better plugins (up2date ones) and found this one:


But then again no buddypress integration.

Really would love to see more buddypress integration, comment and profile rating, stars and thumbs, but most importantly to see how many thumbs up AND thumbs down counter on the Post Voting plugin.

+1 anybody?