extending affiliate concept

Hi, I would really like to extend the concept of the affiliates plug in - to enable MLM and have affiliate of affiliates (and possibly of affiliates to a selectable level!!!) Is this something that could be achieved easily by extending the plugin?

Also I would like to track the usage of the members - and offer usage points - the more they use the site the more "points/rewards" they get. Ideally they would also receive points for their downstream affiliates and for any buying activity on the site (ie spend money through adsense or amazon and get points/rewards..... It is sort of a cross between membership, affiliates and rewards.

Any ideas of an existing plugin that does this, if not does it merit consideration by the team????

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    Hi @adminRH

    Welcome to the forums!

    Well now, Affiliates is getting some love!

    Here's another thread with a similar feature suggestion posted earlier today:

    I'll move this one to the Features & Feedback forum too.

    In the meantime, if you need help implementing custom features of this type, you may want to consider hiring a developer who could get on it with you right this minute: https://premium.wpmudev.org/wpmu-jobs/

    Hope this helps! And thanks for being a member :slight_smile:

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    Hi @grace

    That is unfortunately the fate a many a good suggestion.

    All WPMU DEV products are born, and improved upon, from suggestions made by our community of members.

    The best way to support a feature suggestion is to scan the Features & Feedback forum to see if a feature you want to see implemented has already been suggested, then add you support to it. Folks usually use the "+1" type of vote in a post.

    If it doesn't already exist there, go right ahead and post it yourself. :slight_smile:

    We're working on a better system to feature and track good suggestions, and make it easier for our members to vote on those they want.

    Regardless of the system used, the more community support a feature suggestion gets, the more likely we are to consider implementing it.

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    Good to hear that you are planning on improving this section. My observation, for what it is worth, is that many "ideas" for functionality are mixed up with requests for "how do I do this". The result is that it becomes difficult to differentiate so garnering support becomes difficult unless one keeps coming back to the forum and bumping the topic up the list

    Secondly, many people don't know a good idea until they see the end result, in part the lack of ability of the person suggesting it to describe the function in detail, in part the readers inability to visualise what the function could do for a business and in part the difference between technical and business heads - as one of the latter I know what I need, but can't write it, my experience of the former is that they can do anything but often either telling what works for a business. It was suggested I should go to the jobs board and post my requirement - I am nervous about this as I have rarely had (partly because I tend to get lots of replies or none) great success - maybe I pick the wrong people, so would prefer a group/company development, but much more expensive to fund than an individual

    As a suggestion, could there be a category for "Plugins ideas to be developed". Every month you take the best three, plus one that the team think is imaginative and put them into a poll for users to rank, the winner being properly scoped. Every month the voting scores revert to zero and you start again - but the previous requests can be re-submitted three times, then need to miss three months before being submitted again.

    This separates out the suggestion for functionality from how do I do this - (I saw one post on the thread asking how the poster could cancel subscription)

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