Extending timeline for [EAB_archive] shortcode


From checking on here, I see that the shortcodes look at events for the next 4 weeks out as default. I also saw that you can override this, as follows:

- Using the 'lookahead' parameter when you use the shortcode, e.g. [eab_archive lookahead weeks="52" category="training-events"]

- Adding "define('EAB_COLLECTION_UPCOMING_WEEKS_COUNT', 52);" to your wp-config file.

I have tried doing both of these, and I still can't see events from next year on the following page:

By trial and error, I've also learned that events that are less than 28 days away, but that take place in the following calendar year (e.g. an event on Jan 1st 2013 does not show up, but an event for Dec 31st 2012 does show up).

Any thoughts / ideas?

Robert Ford