Externalize multimedia

A big problem, building a social network, it's multimedia managing.
Storage and traffic are the most heavy capabilities required by a server and are expensives too.
So, externalize those features it's a must, also because by now there are many free services that, in addition, have also visibility and are real communities, so better to stay into.
The great combination WPMU+BP is able to build great communities, but need to solve multimedia issues.
How? Connecting them.

Pretend I'm an user of a BP social network, I sign up, automatically a Kaltura ID is registered for me, using my email address and giving me 10 Gb of space.
I enter in my profile and want in it photos of my holydays and also that movie with my son that falls in water completely dressed, so I open my profile, click on Multimedia icon and start to upload my movie in my new Kaltura's account, the same I do with holidays photos, so I can see it in my profile and share with friends.

But I also created a blog in this fantastic network and I want show also to the rest of the world my holidays and funny son, what can I do?
The network have a Flickr unlimited account (24$ per year) and I have an useful tab, in Media library, that says "Flickr" so I click and start to insert my images directly into Flickr, may be with a default tag "username_".
Of course I need to use it and with a plugin like Flickpress (http://wordpress.org/extend/plugins/flickpress/) I can use mine, those of the network or may be all free-to-use images I need.

Also, I want to show to the very-interested-in-it world, my wet son, so I click in another button on editor, that drive me to a Youtube tab (like in http://wordpress.org/extend/plugins/youtube-with-style/ ) where I can upload my movies directly to Youtube, in Network's account, and from there, view and insert in my post.
The alarm clock ringing and I get up :slight_smile: