Extra Content Showing In Hustle

Team WPMU,

The custom content option in Hustle picks up any kind of plugin added content. So far, I've had to correct for Add2Any, YARPP, and Blubrry Powerpress. Here's what I've added to the CSS to counter this:

/* Slide-Out Share button correction */

.wph-modal--content .addtoany_share_save_container {display:none;}

.wph-modal--message .yarpp-related {display: none;}

.wph-modal--message .powerpress_player {display: none;}

.wph-modal--message .powerpress_links {display:none;}

I really think you guys need to look into this. It's less than ideal that I have to come up with a counter to any and all plugins just so I can use a slideout on a blog post.