extra fields and notifications on membership plugin

hi, my question actually relates to membership2 but there was no option for me to select this.

I have tried asking this question before, a few months have gone by now and I want a fresh look at it as I hit a dead end last time.

What I am trying to do should be simple. I have a membership site up and running for an online publication, it has 2 levels.

1) Print and online – these users get access to all files/ pages/posts on the site and they also recieve a hard copy of the magazine in the post.

2) Online only – same as above but no hard copy.

… the part which stops me is trying to gather/send the users address details as a notification. I am using buddypress’ extended profile to capture the address information. but I can’t get a notification to show the address, it just send me the basic information of signups.