Extra fields attending an event

I have created an event.
I added Additional Fields but i cannot see them. By press "I'm Attending" button the plugin immediately add user to the event without ask for these fields.
Where I'm wrong?

  • Patrick

    Hi there @Valerio

    Welcome to WPMU DEV, glad to have you aboard!

    The Additional Fields addon enables you to add some custom fields to the Events+ registration form.

    If a user is already logged-in, those fields will not display anywhere.

    However, I see that you are using BuddyPress on your site: http://sklubs.com/register/

    You can easily add more fields to the BP registration form by adding them to the Base group in Users > Profile Fields.

      • Ash

        Hello @Valerio

        I hope you are well today.

        Anyway I was wondering that there was an additional form related to the event and not to the user this because I need a special form for any different category of event that I will have on my site.

        This is not possible out of the box. But you can use an idea.

        For example, you have three categories - Sports, Products and Business. So, you can add three additional fields, like Sports Venue, Product price and Business name. People will fill only the relevant field.

        If you want to use only single field for all three categories but want to use different wording as field title, this is also possible with some custom code.

        Please let us know if I got you right, otherwise feel free to suggest :slight_smile:


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