Extra functions possible??

I have a slowly growing amount of websites i build for clients using wordpress. i have a premium WPMU account and use loads of WPMU plugins on all my sites. I use the Ultimate Branding on all my sites, as it is excellent and makes the admin area look much more professional.
However i have been looking for a plugin that will allow me to choose what the client sees in the admin area/ dashboard, as there are lots of things in the dashboard that i dont want the client to be able to see and more importantly edit. There are a few plugins available that allow you to change the branding of the admin area, aswell as changing the settings so that certain parts of the admin area can be changed but they do not work very well.
is there anyway you can add this functionality to your plugin as it would be AMAZING if i could have one plugin that allows me to add my own logos and lets me choose exactly what sections and plugins other admins / editors / authors can see.