Extra Line Breaks in Form between hidden inputs

I am using the shortcode for one-click donation buttons within with a set of tabs. I've figured out most of the css modifications I need, but reviewing the code, there are
tags between each "hidden" input, creating a ton of blank space above each button that I don't want there. For now to limit the size of the buttons, I also have them inside of an accordian. But I really want to remove all the extra line breaks, especially on hidden input fields. How do I do this?

See the issue live at: http://ambassadors.sfiremedia.info/donate/ and click on the "One-Click" donations and then open any accordian.

Also using a Gravity Form for if a donator prefers my son to work for his donation; since I can't run to PayPal IPN's on same site, is there a way to pass a query string to a donation button with the price from Gravity Forms. I know how to do it on the GF side, but need to know the link string on the Fundraising side. Tried to use the "One-Click" but it's encrypting the link string. So maybe not an option?

Any ideas would be helpful. Thanks for a great plugin.