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Hi there,

I am currently building up a "membership site", but all I would like for my customers is to track a process of a service which I am performing for them outside the "membership site" and them getting some sort of email notification about it whenever I posted an update.

Posting intervals will be about once weekly.

I want this to be 1 one 1 and not visible for other members. So only Admin/Member interaction.

What would be the right route to go for this? Membership Plugin is great but I just want something very lightweight, also no buddypress/multisite installs if possible and it has to be front end. However if there is a simple way to get this going with buddypress that would be ok too, but I tried and couldn't get it set up the way I had it in mind out of the box.

Oh also once every couple months I want to attach an excel sheet with the process for each member so they can download and view it.

Toni :slight_smile:

  • Toni
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    Thanks David,

    this one seems to be designed for Multisite only and I don't like that it's backend.

    I quickly gave it a shot but activating it on a non multisite displays this:

    The Messaging plugin is only compatible with WordPress Multisite.

    In the whole admin area instead of the Control Panel.


  • Jonathan
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    Light membership?

    If you don't need gateways - meaning you don't need to accept money.
    Off the top of my head, and if there aren't too many clients, then create a page-template (client-page) and apply the template for each client.
    Using custom fields "user_id" you can create some sort of query on the page-template so that comments template is used only when the user with the correct id can see comments / and leave comments? You could have user subscribe to comments. So every time you leave an update (comment) he/she is notified.

    In the actual content you can protect those downloads with a shortcode something like this [private user=%id]private data[/private] and or perhaps use the same custom field meta data and just use something like this [private]

    I don't think it could be simpler than that? Just a little bit of coding :wink:

    Oh, didn't read correctly, this is seperate from existing membership (take it you are using membership plugin) so above senario apply's but...
    In fact, somewhere in the forum here there is some code that restricts access based on subscription and user id. So the user needs to be a member of x subscription, and then needs to be the actual user based on his id to view that content.
    Membership plugin is very powerful, but can be very lightweight - that is why I am using it. Most "other" membership plugins and I have tried them all, have one option - bloated software :wink: WPMUDEV's membership plugin at least allows you to minimize things a bit.


  • Toni
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    Thanks for your help Jonathan :slight_smile:

    I will try to explain the exact scenario a little better maybe there is an easy way for me to archive this with the membership plugin (it's kind of overwhelming):

    * Next week launch of Membership A restricted to 90 members

    * Each interested person needs to email me first for a manual approval and I will then send them a link to the check out page (hidden from public, Checkout is with 2CO and recurring every 30 days).

    * Once payment is confirmed they should be automatically member of the site (Membership A ONLY) with a short welcome message that I am starting to perform the service for them they signed up for within 24 hours

    * After 24 hours I want to start sending out customized messages (about every once a week) on my website front end that only me and each individual member has access to and can leave a reply to (1 one 1) ALSO I would like to have occasional bulk notifications that are send out to each member as well on the front end (my members should receive an email notification that there is a new mesage in their membership area).

    * After a few months I want to send them an excel sheet with the progress of my service for them which they can download from my front end and only me and the individual member has access to.

    * 6 Months later I want to launch Membership B again for 90 members with the exact same system (*note some members from Membership A might join Membership B as well) and there will be Membership C, D, E....

    What you think guys?

    How can I get this set up easy and straightforward preferably without any coding?

    Toni :slight_smile:

  • Jonathan
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    Sorry took so long to get back to you... You really know how to present a challenge - laugh.

    It can be done - the issue is the minimal coding part. I don't know of anything that can do it a 100% out the box.
    So lets walk through it...

    You have your existing membership site, so you will have the membership plugin installed. I say use the membership plugin to handle the payment side etc.

    To achieve the added functionality

    customers is to track a process of a service which I am performing for them outside the "membership site"

    requires some out of the box thinking and a little extra work - or some custom coding?

    Here are the issues.
    Welcome Email
    You have update emails
    Private Messaging
    One on One communication
    Private user downloads - excel sheet

    First off: Service work isn't automated work. So we can simplify things greatly because you will do a few steps manually because you will be dealing with <strike>members </strike> clients on an individual bases.

    1) Welcome Email:
    Use the membership plugin communications functionality. Create a new communication that runs 1 day after user becomes member. "Welcome Email".
    I would create a few more - 1 email near the end of each month - Notifying the client that 2checkout will be soon be re-billing them the monthly installment of $$ - describe exactly how the proccess works, what they can expect. This is so that the client doesn't have a hissy fit :wink:

    2) Keeping Client Up-to-date
    The simplest is just to email them a nice email stating what has been updated and they can login to view the progress. You've got to manually create the updated post, might as well just email them as well.
    Or, if you want a little automation - create a level for each week - i.e Week1, Week2, etc
    And create a ping that emails them a short email that says they have been updated.
    OR, use the communications functionality, scheduled weekly "you have update" emails

    3) Private Messaging

    This is the kicker.
    A non coding solution - Buddypress has private messaging, and private groups. One group per client of which only that client is a member. And emails updates :slight_smile:
    A coding solution - involves a lot of coding :slight_frown: so isn't worth mentioning.

    4) One on One communication

    I would go with good old fashioned 1on1 email, or buddypress private group (YOU and CLIENT), and private messaging

    5) Private user downloads - excel sheet

    A download is as simple as creating a link to something. So you can place links in any user protected section (private places)

    I would recommend looking at this plugin as it is created for 1on1 interaction.

    Other options:
    How about invoice system - each week you create and send them a invoice of tasks done etc?

    That's all I have for non-coding solution, I did run the senario a few ways, and came up with some pretty cool implementation ways, but they do require some coding, others a lot of coding :wink:

  • Toni
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    thanks so much Jonathan, this really helps!

    did WPMU DEV offer you a job yet as another support dude?

    I am going to play thru the process now and report back (maybe for another challege - laugh!)

    Thanks :slight_smile:

  • Jonathan
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    Sorry for late reply - went AWOL - laugh. No worries, glad it helped ya a bit. As for job position - you're too kind, but the support dudes that work here have tons more experience than me, and I wouldn't dream of being able to do what they do :wink:

    Glad you found something I said useful :wink:
    and thank you for the rep points. Makes me feel all warm inside. Thanks.
    And if you need to bounce your idea around (We all seem to be brainstorming extra functionality for membership plugin) so drop the idea here. It might spark a chain reaction :slight_smile:


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