Extreem Lightweight Membership Site

Hi there,

I am currently building up a “membership site”, but all I would like for my customers is to track a process of a service which I am performing for them outside the “membership site” and them getting some sort of email notification about it whenever I posted an update.

Posting intervals will be about once weekly.

I want this to be 1 one 1 and not visible for other members. So only Admin/Member interaction.

What would be the right route to go for this? Membership Plugin is great but I just want something very lightweight, also no buddypress/multisite installs if possible and it has to be front end. However if there is a simple way to get this going with buddypress that would be ok too, but I tried and couldn’t get it set up the way I had it in mind out of the box.

Oh also once every couple months I want to attach an excel sheet with the process for each member so they can download and view it.


Toni :slight_smile: