Facbook comments on FB not appearing in WP

I have "Use Facebook for comments" ticked as I only want to use FB comments and no WP.

If you look on my FB page https://www.facebook.com/AlphaDriver/posts/615535081797555?comment_id=97089883&offset=0&total_comments=1&notif_t=feed_comment

you will see Camille had commented on the post, yet when I go to my WP http://www.alphadriver.com.au/news/2013/07/jaguar-set-to-wow-goodwood-crowd-with-surprise-c-x75-dynamic-debut/ it did not appear until I hit the "Import comments now (this can take a while)" and then it imported them into the WP comments and now its showing the WP comments which I do no want.

I also commented with my own account on the WP page in the facebook comment box, yet these comments do now show on the facebook page.

I thought having this facebook comment box means the same comments will be shown on the facebook and WP page, that is what I am after, is this possible?