facebook and ssl delivery of content

Wordpress 3.2.1
BuddyPress 1.5.1
Ultimate FB 1.4.1

I needed to make sure all my content was being delivered via https recently. Everything functioned just fine after making the switch but I needed to make sure all external content was being loaded via https as well.

I noticed that avatars from facebook were not using https so I searched for, found, and changed the following lines to https in order to fix it for my particular setup.

class_wdfb_model.php line 98
$fb_img = file_get_contents("http(s)://graph.facebook.com/{$fb_uid}/picture?type=large");

class_wdfb_public_pages.php line 215
return '<img src="http(s)://graph.facebook.com/' . $meta['fb_author_id'] . '/picture" class="avatar avatar-' . $size . ' photo" height="' . $size . '" width="' . $size . '" />';

class_wdfb_public_pages.php line 237
return "<img class='avatar' src='http(s)://graph.facebook.com/{$fb_uid}/picture' />";

So yippe for me I got it to do what I wanted. The avatars load just fine from https but the moment I upgrade to a new version I will have to re-do my changes constantly.

Are there any reasons why these urls can't be set to https permanently in an upcoming release, or any reason why they couldn't be changed already?