Facebook and Twitter logins for Events+ are a disaster

Okay, neither the Facebook nor Twitter login will behave, and I cannot find documentation to tell me what to do. Yesterday the FB sent back an error saying that I didn't have the domains in. The only place I could find to put in a domain was in the app settings, but it was not clear what domain they wanted when they said "app domain". So I put in the website domain. Same error.

After trying everything I could to find an answer, I deleted the app and created a new one, figuring that i had missed something in setup somewhere and would catch it this time. Now I don't get that error, but the FB button doesn't respond at all.

Then with the Twitter login, it said that the token was expired. So I regenerated that (how often does that have to happen??) and now a small login window pops up, but it takes me back to my site with nowhere to click or finish the registration.


  • Adam Czajczyk

    Hello Amy,

    I hope you're well today and thank you for your question!

    I checked your site, both its back- and front-end. As an un-logged user I clicked on "I'm attending" for an event and logged in with Twitter. Login went fine, I was asked to grant application some capabilities and Events+ registered my submission (though I skipped payment, so it's not RSVP'd).

    That said, have you double-checked that using a different Twitter account than the one that's used for you Events+ app? I'd also suggest clearing browser's cache first and trying that with different browsers as well. Could you please give it a shot and let me know of the result?

    As for Facebook login. I can confirm the issue. I noticed that you checked the "My page already load scripts from Facebook" option on "Events -> Settings -> API settings" page. I unchecked it but with no luck.

    In both cases though there's a console error stating that "FB is not defined". That's a JavaScript error suggesting that some necessary object/handler was not created. This means that most likely either a theme or another plugin is interfering here and we'd need to find out which one in order to find a solution. That said, could you please perform a full theme/plugin conflict test? To do this, please follow the steps described on a flowchart in this article (scroll the page down a bit):


    You should be able to identify the main culprit this way and knowing it I'd then be able to further investigate it.

    Best regards,

  • amy

    Hi Adam,

    Okay, I shut off every plugin on the site except for Events+. The Facebook login is still unresponsive. I did clear cache and am using the new Microsoft Edge browser. Twitter login had me sign in to my account, but then just went back to the events page without moving me to the PayPal area to pay for the ticket. When I tried again, it just hung.

    I had the exact same result in Internet Explorer. With Chrome, I cannot tell as easily because I'm logged in to the site so the plugin is showing me the PayPal button because it's remembering me.


  • amy

    Okay! I logged out of the site in Chrome and tried again. I did activate the WPMUDEV dashboard plugin. The Facebook is still unresponsive. Twitter worked, and redirected me to the Paypal.

    In Microsoft Edge, still the hangup with Twitter and not going to Paypal. Facebook still not working.

    In Internet Explorer, also the same: Twitter bounces back to the main page but no Paypal and no way to scroll anywhere. Facebook hangs.

  • Milan

    Hello amy

    Hope you are well today ?

    Could you please enable debug mod via wp-config.php file ? This way we will be able to capture any errors if there are some. :slight_smile:

    Please open your wp-config.php file and add these lines in it.

    define ( 'WP_DEBUG', true );
    define( 'WP_DEBUG_LOG', true );
    define( 'WP_DEBUG_DISPLAY', false );

    After this change, save the file and conduct same procedure again. This will generate debug.log file in your /wp-content/ directory. Please attach it in your next post. Our this forum system does not support ".log" extension for uploading files, so please change it to ".txt" and then upload.

    Looking forward to hearing back! :slight_smile: