Facebook API Changes – Creating Your Apps

Hey all.

Firstly, If you have any support questions then please open a ticket separately.

So, as some of you may know, Facebook recently change their API to version 2.0 on the 30th April 2014.

Apps made prior to that should continue working for one year from the exact date they were created.

Apps created after April 30th will require approval/to be reviewed by Facebook.


And https://developers.facebook.com/docs/apps/changelog


We will review how apps use Facebook Login: Apps requesting more than public_profile, email and the user_friends permission must be reviewed by Facebook before those permissions can be requested from people. Existing apps have one year before they are required to go through login review, including updates to existing apps. Facebook apps created after April 30th, 2014 will have to go through review.

That is a quote from the changelog for version 2.0.

As you can see Apps created before April the 30th 2014, will continue to work up to and including April 30th 2016, as long as the apps aren’t modified, but they will require a review then.

Apps created after April 30th 2014, need to be reviewed for any permissions outside of public_profile, email and the user_friends

For Auto Posting to work, we request the publish_actions and/or publish_streams permissions, as I stated above.

Ve recommends that you use the publish_actions rather than the publish_streams permission, and then check require minimal permissions possible in Ultimate Facebook > settings > permissions and tokens.

In the Facebook App developer center, you need to fill in the following information,



Detailed Description

Privacy Policy URL

User Support Email or User Support URL

Image: Web Banner

Image: Cover Image

Image: App Icon

Image: Banner

You also need on the status and review screen, to click “add notes” and add the required notes for why you want to request that permission from your users.