Facebook API instructions?

Is there a set of instructions on how to set this plugin up?

Getting through all of the Facebook API stuff is quite challenging!

I spent a good few hours on this, and I can't seem to get anything in this plugin to work! I wanted the Facebook comments etc, but nothing.....


  • james_harris
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    Well both really....

    A complete set of instructions on how to set up both a FB app and putting the API key into the app would be very useful. I have made an app and inputted all of the appropriate keys.... gone through all of the option menus, FB even popped up and asked me to verify a second time..... but have no functionality, so a complete set of documentation would be nice. On complicated PAID plugins like this one, I thought having a full set of documentation would be standard, like it is at codecanyon.net/.

    So I suppose the question was, has this documentation been written and if so where can I find it. I have spent a significant amount of time with this plugin on 3 different sites with no luck.... And me having to write a set of instructions on how to set up an FB APP and get an API key for my client, I feel is a bit rich, especially when I am paying so much money to be a member, and I have not successfully been able to get it to work myself. So I'm not trying to moan or anything, I just need the support to get this thing working


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