Facebook Apps Updated - User Permissions Change

It appears Facebook may have changed their App system and it's now required to get App approval to use the functions in Ultimate Facebook?

I'd love to attach a screenshot of the error I'm seeing when attempting to configure the Permissions & Tokens, but apparently wpmudev elected to disable the file upload function of this forum.

  • Vaughan
    • Support/SLS MockingJay

    Hi @mmedia,

    As far as i'm aware you don't need approval.

    Can I ask you to take a screenshot of your APP settings on FB. How did you set up the app?

    Could you grant support access to your site with the wpmudev dashboard plugin? Dashboard > wpmudev > support > support access

    Also, could you add me as a developer of your FB app?

    My FB id is 520726219


  • Vaughan
    • Support/SLS MockingJay

    Hi @mmedia,

    Login is working fine on my site.

    But looks like you're asking for more than the basic permissions.. Anything other than "access to a person's public profile, friend list, and email address", then you will need to submit the app for review unfortunately.

    FB is getting a real pain in the neck with their changes, though In a way I do think this is a good idea to prevent rogue apps.

    Hope this helps

  • Vaughan
    • Support/SLS MockingJay

    Hi @mmedia,

    We have discussed this in our meeting this morning, Unfortunately, there is nothing we can do about this, either we can remove those features from the plugin, or we can change the documentation to make people aware that the apps now need to be approved.

    Removing the features that require those permissions was decided against as those features are used by most people who use the plugin, so it's not a viable option.

    Therefore we are going to change the documentation & instructions to also include instructions on how to get the apps reviewed & approved by Facebook.

    Hope this helps, and thanks for the report & feedback on this.

  • mmedia
    • The Incredible Code Injector

    Please see that instructions are are updated with haste and a link provided in this thread. We're frozen with this plugin on several websites until this issue is resolved.

    We have not been successful in even being able to submit an App for review, it just says "One or more of the items in this submission needs changes before it is eligible for review. Please make the necessary changes before submitting." when hovering over the submit button despite all available fields (and image attachments) being filled in.

  • mmedia
    • The Incredible Code Injector

    Just so you're prepared (as I just received my first application denial for Ultimate Facebook)...You're going to need to provide your plugin users with exact (already approved by Facebook) copy/paste ready information to successfully get an app submission approved.

    I provided a link to your plugin and I was denied because...

    - We have been unable to verify the use of this permission or feature, using the instructions provided. Please submit more detailed, step by step instructions.
    - Your notes don't explain how you are using permissions or features to enhance the person's in-app experience.

  • mmedia
    • The Incredible Code Injector

    It's pretty terrible all the information that needs input now. Very, very disappointed with Facebook. This easily adds 20 minutes to our social media integration time per client (though I did have my denial notice within an hour of the initial app review submission).

  • mmedia
    • The Incredible Code Injector

    Good morning!

    We have not had any success with our two attempts and are waiting for wpmudev to provide us with what exactly Facebook wants. It appears to me from the App denial notices that they require the exact reason why the plugin is set to request that particular information from my screenshot on 05/02.

  • Chris
    • Site Builder, Child of Zeus

    @mmedia Hi I have been grappling with this issue and now made a successful review request. The Facebook interface form is not clear at all.

    There are actually a number of areas that you need to work on in the Review Submission process.

    Review Submission Form

    Add items.

    1. The item I conclude is required is 'publish_actions'
    a. Click the add notes button. This opens a window 'Notes for publish_actions'
    b.'Please explain how you are using publish_actions to enhance a person's in-app experience.' Just write simple explanation.
    c. 'Please provide step-by-step instructions so our review team can reproduce how you are using publish_actions in your app.' Just write a guid like this I had about 7 steps from user login, Grant extended permissions and publishing a post.
    d. Click save and the window will close.

    2. You must also add App details.


    3. Click the roles link in the left hand menu.

    4. Click the 'Test Users' tab in top menu far right.

    5. You will see 1 user 'Open Graph Test User'

    6. For some reason this one does not work so click add user.

    7. This open a Create Test Users interface box.

    8. Set 'Authorize Test Users for This App?' and Enable Ticker? to yes.

    9. Click create test user.

    10. You will now see you new test user in page.

    11. Copy the name and click 'Status & Review in the left hand menu.

    12. Paste you new test users name into the Test User (optional) field. It did not seem to be optional for me.

    13. Create 4 screen shots of Ultimate Facebook plugin areas. Facebook button on left menu of your dashboard, 'Permissions and Tokens' tab open so you can see the 'Grant extended permissions' link, 'Autopost to Facebook' tab open so you can see 'auto post to' etc. and finally the Add new post interface. The images need to bebetween 320 x 320 and 2048 x 2048 pixels. I found that 1000*1000pxl was ok. Different aspect ratio will be rejected.

    14. Just below the test user field click on each of the 4 image place holders and upload your 4 images.

    15. Now move up the page and click the 'App Details' link in the left hand menu.

    16. Ok you need to fill in all the fields here so to start select language.

    17. Short Description, something like 'Allows a Wordpress plugin to function correctly to auto publish posts'

    18. Tag line - 'Auto Publish Posts'

    19. Long description - 'Allows you to create a post in Wordpress and then auto publish it to your Facebook timeline' If this is more than 140 characters it will be rejected.

    20. Publisher - 'Your company name'

    21. Explanation for Permissions - 'You need to grant extended permissions to allow auto posting to your Facebook timeline.'

    22. Privacy Policy - http://www.yourwebsite.com/privacy

    23. User Support Email - you@yoursite.com

    24. Marketing URL - You can leave this blank.

    25. Terms of Service URL - http://www.yourwebsite.com/terms

    26. User Support URL - http://www.yourwebsite.com/contact

    27. Scroll down and save changes

    28. Scroll back up and click the create new page button, just create a page like you do any other Facebook page. You will need a 400 * 400px image and a banner image.

    29. Go to the App centre Listed Platforms and set website to yes.

    30. Create and upload the images for 'Icons', 'Promotional' and 'Screen Shots'. (I used the same screen shots as we used at the start.

    31. Click save changes.

    32. Scroll up and select 'Configure App Centre Permissions' this opens a window 'App Centre Permissions'

    33. Default Activity Privacy - I set this to public.

    34. Auth Token Parameter - leave set as is.

    35. App Centre Permissions - Users, friends and extended permissions -publish_actions

    36. Click save. This closes the 'App Centre Permissions' window.

    37. Scroll down and click 'Save Changes'

    37. Click Status & Review in the left menu and then click Submit for Review.

    Get all your images and Privacy/Terms pages etc. prepped before you start.

    Hope this helps. Clearly it's not going to be good if you have to go through this process for every clients app. WPMU DEV should produce a high quality app that can part of the Ultimate Facebook plugin, well we would all have access to the app that's already approved by Facebook. It would need to then allow us plugin users to configure the website data for the app. This way only the one app needs to be approved.

  • mmedia
    • The Incredible Code Injector

    Hi Chris,

    Thank you for the response. Submitting the approval request isn't our problem, getting it approved is. We do know how to do the application approval process, we just don't have the answers on why wpmudev's plugin is requesting the 10 permissions shown in my 05/02 screenshot for a successful approval.

    Unfortunately we have 200 websites currently using this plugin that we now have to go through an get approval for and are launching 5-10 more every month. We require the exact copy/paste information that is Facebook approved to the questions as to why wpmudev's plugin is requesting those 10 permissions as this is a huge time investment and we have already been unsuccessful getting approval for this plugin twice.

    Speaking of which, it's been 10 days since I notified wpmudev about this change. What is the status?

  • Chris
    • Site Builder, Child of Zeus

    @mmedia. I see so my application will fail miserably. I have been trying to establish what permissions the plugin is requesting for days. Have had no response at all. Reading the FB rules this app will never be approved. FB are very clear that you cannot have an app that is collecting data for use at some later date. I can't see how birthday enhances the user experience of this app.

    Surely the app does not need all those permissions just to post to FB. My UFB install is still not working properly so I cannot really tell what is working or not right now. The Facebook Connect interface disappears as soon as you click 'Grant extended permissions'. I had been lead to believe that the only function not working as a result of the FB change is the autopost feature. Is that not the case?

    I read that the permission 'publish_actions' does replace several older permission such as upload_photos for example. Does not look like the plugin is making a request for this permission in any event.

    Is this not a massive issue for WPMU DEV?

    It is this plugin that persuaded me to invest the $600 USD per year. The Auto Posting feature being the most important. Have you been using WPMU DEV for long, how have you found their products? So far I have only managed to get the dashboard, domain mapping and google maps working correctly. Everything else I have tried has had issues.

    I had to do a backup install for the network as I could not login to any of the sites. That did however seem to be directly linked to UFB plugin as it was referenced in the errors. Think I was installing and configuring at the precise moment FB changed their API.

    Sorry for posting my guide to making an application, bet that really p***ed you off given what you've got to deal with. Still may help someone who doesn't know where to start, like me last night:slight_smile:

    Any feedback on this issue would be greatly appreciated.


    Chris J

  • mmedia
    • The Incredible Code Injector

    Hi, again!

    From the permissions that it lists, we think that only the manage_pages is legitimately needed (and maybe user_photos to display the Facebook Profile Image?).

    All of our UFB configurations prior to this change with Facebook appear to be operating normally. From what I've read, we have a year to get the old apps approved...but with the quantity we have, it would be better we start that sooner rather then later...

    Unfortunately I'm not going to be of much help with your UFB configurations as we only use it for Open Graph and Autoposting. We use other plugins for the Facebook Like and Commenting functions. If you'd like to know what we use instead, I'd be happy to share the plugins with you...But it won't help with this autoposting situation! :slight_smile:

  • Vaughan
    • Support/SLS MockingJay


    Here's what I have so far.

    For populating user meta fields with data from FB, we do need to get some of the listed permissions, such as hometown, birthday etc. So these permissions are generally for filling in user profile fields.

    Likewise for accessing photos and events.

    The posting and photos/events permissions are only asked from publisher accounts (ie. the ones that can post/edit content), not from ordinary users/members of the site, so basicly the owners/admins of the site who are linking their site to their FB will only require those permissions, not the members.

    the photos/events based one will still have to go along with the posting ones for publisher-level accounts. This is because the plugin can pull photos and events from Facebook in a few ways, and it can post events and notes as well as updates. Which is why those permissions are required.

    The developer is making some changes to the plugin and a new release will be out soon, basicly the permissions it asks for will be more granular, features such as the photos/events updating & posting will be disabled as default, so unless you actually plan to use those features of the plugin, then those permissions won't be asked for, obviously once you decide to, you'd need to submit a review again to fb to enable the plugin to use them.

    Hope this explains a bit more.

  • Chris
    • Site Builder, Child of Zeus


    Have you got anywhere with this yet.

    I have established you don't app approval from Facebook which maybe good news for you. I have two sites working on the posting front.

    I have just updated to latest version of Ultimate Facebook Plugin.

    Facebook connect tab disappeared again.

    No settings changed in the new Permissions and Tokens tab.

    Very unclear as to what all that means actually we could do with a bit of an explanation as to what these new options are all about. And what the 'Permissions list' refers to. This does not seem to answer the question of how you get an app approved. Has anyone had their app approved yet?

    My app is not approved and Facebook state it does not need to be approve to allow publish from my blog to my FB time line. Please see the attached image which do indeed prove your app does not need to be approved in or to post to Facebook.

    However, the app is not working correctly. The Facebook connect tab has gone again.

    If you have any other info it would be much appreciated as I seem to be getting nothing from the support chaps.

  • Chris
    • Site Builder, Child of Zeus

    Update, I have just deactivated UFB plugin on all 3 sites where it was active. Then deleted the plugin from the network admin panel.

    Reinstalled through WPMUDev plugins menu.

    Activated site by site on the 3 sites. I now have 3 sites posting to Facebook without the app being approved.

    I'm thinking it may be a shit hot idea for one our developers to take a look. Has any one had their app approved yet and is anyone able to post to Facebook yet?

  • Chris
    • Site Builder, Child of Zeus

    @Aistath, I know, I've been saying that for days. Please look further up this post there are screen shots of it working. Your colleagues have been stating that the app needs approval.

    Hi @mmedia,

    We have discussed this in our meeting this morning, Unfortunately, there is nothing we can do about this, either we can remove those features from the plugin, or we can change the documentation to make people aware that the apps now need to be approved.

    Removing the features that require those permissions was decided against as those features are used by most people who use the plugin, so it's not a viable option.

    Therefore we are going to change the documentation & instructions to also include instructions on how to get the apps reviewed & approved by Facebook.

    Hope this helps, and thanks for the report & feedback on this.

    Both Vaughan and Jack have been stating the above

    Can you provide in layman's terms an explanation of the new permissions settings that are now available, which settings enable/disable which plugin functions?

    Your customers have wasted hours of time trying to get their Facebook apps approved for no reason. Jack promised to credit my account with an extra month, that hasn't happened yet! I have provided full access to my cPanel, all my sites, everything that has been requested and still do not have answer as to why the Facebook Connect tab keeps disappearing. There are screen shots of this phenomena further up this post.

    As you can probably tell I am tad p***** off with all this.

    Anyway the explanation I have asked for re the new available permissions settings would be much appreciated along with the disappearing Facebook Connect tab issue being sorted.

    Ari, I'm not blaming you or your colleagues but its just so frustrating and my main project has been delayed for coming up 3 weeks now.



  • Michael Bissett
    • Recruit

    Hey @Chris,

    First off, just to let you know, your account has been credited for one month, as promised, apologies for the delay on that.

    Regarding this:

    Your customers have wasted hours of time trying to get their Facebook apps approved for no reason.

    Whether you need to have the app approved right now will depend on when you created it, and if it has been modified before the 30th of April.

    To quote my colleague Jack:

    ...Apps created before April the 30th 2014, will continue to work up to and including April 30th 2016, as long as the apps aren't modified, but they will require a review then.

    Apps created after April 30th 2014, need to be reviewed for any permissions outside of public_profile, email and the user_friends


  • Chris
    • Site Builder, Child of Zeus

    @Jack, @ Michael Thanks for the account credit.
    @Ari, no probs. @Vaughan I am still having major issues. I think my post this morning maybe a good way to get things sorted please take a look at https://premium.wpmudev.org/forums/topic/unable-to-grant-extended-permissions-ultimate-fb-plugin#post-672722

    If you guys could get the Developer to provide the answers to the specific question raised at least everyone would have template on which to base their Facebook approval requests. By the way has anyone had a app approved yet?

  • mmedia
    • The Incredible Code Injector

    Sorry for the late reply... I just updated to the latest version and it appears that facebook also requires the permission "read_stream" to be submitted for review. We have not been able to get an app past the review process and we are looking at going through a different venue to get our clients blog post onto facebook.

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