Facebook Comment Imports - Why so many listed?


I've been meaning to ask this for a few weeks now. I went to set up comment importing on a client site (pitme.com) and discovered that every one of my personal TUMBLR posts I'd made was set up as a valid import source. What?


Manually unchecking every piece of activity I've ever linked to Facebook in order to import comments from one site was a little frustrating. As you can see, more comment sources add themselves every day (two unchecked).

So question one would be - does it matter what I invalidate? Does this actually affect the PITME site that is being synchronized?

Question two would be - what does my client see? If a client logs into the FBU admin, will they see every random little page I've commented on using my personal FB account just because I wanted to connect my PITME administrative credentials to the PITME Wordpress blog? That could be problematic. I mean, I try to be careful with keeping posts neutral on FB given how open the network has become but I've still got a post about analyzing the effects of a balanced budget amendment from a person Tumblog attached to my personal Facebook. That might not be neutral territory with some clients.

So yeah, I could use some reassurance that clients aren't able to just open up their settings and check out my whole list of personal posts from the last two years in one centralized location.

If this is all super-open, I may have to come up with a new FB login for each individual client and that's going to be a huge pain in my tail. Also, having the sites all of my client sites linked through me as a hub is good for everyone's edge rank (especially mine) when it comes to social media amplification. I'd rather not have to remove that advantage.

Either way, a filter on the Facebook Comments loop would be great. I don't need to see my old post about the best car to survive the zombie apocalypse in every time I go to set up comment linking from a client's FB to their Wordpress site.

Please advise,

  • Kimberly
    • Champion of Loops

    Hello Ian!

    From the Usage :

    Skip importing comments for these accounts – The plugin would list all the accounts known to the plugin here. If you do not want to import comments for a specific account, you can tick here.

    Reverse checking logic – Ticking this reverses the “Skip import comments” logic. Something like an “Invert Selection” option. If you choose to reverse the logic by ticking here, only the accounts that you have ticked above will be checked for comments.

    As for the remainder of your question, I'll have Ve stop in to comment here.



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