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Just to be clear... If the Ultimate Plugin is Enabled, extended permissions are granted, and auto post to facebook is on... If someone makes a comment on facebook where the post shows on a wall, that comment should sync back to the wordpress site comments? If so, is there some sort of delay for this?

  • dehayst
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    Yes. Just installed today and have been testing since. I saw in the other thread that VeBailovity mentioned to log out and back in several times and sometimes it's delayed before facebook and wp get onto the same page. Many hours have gone by though and I'm still not seeing info pass either way.

    Honestly, I'm thinking FB may be having some issues today. Getting random 404s from them every so often today.

  • dehayst
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    I did. Most recently I uninstalled the previous plugin I'd been using. Facebook Comments by we8u. Removed your plugin and reinstalled it. Setup a new App too on Facebook. I've got the auto post successfully posting to a Facebook Page, but no comments carrying over either way. Oddly, I can't even get the plugin to even overried the WP Comments to just use the Facebook system either.

  • dehayst
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    I even updated this today. I know I have the boxes checked right. Is there any way I can pass some login credentials to someone over email to check it out? Swear I'm not a complete noob. Something is wacky here. Maybe a conflict with removing the Facebook Comments plugin by we8u? Just can't get the facebook comments to replace the wordpress ones.

  • DavidM
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    Hi dehayst,

    I am wondering if it might have something to do with that previous Facebook Comments plugin. It's just odd that everything else would work but the comments.

    I'll ask one of the developers to take a look at this but to help get an idea for how it's setup currently, could you provide a sreenshot of that Facebook Comments tab?


  • dehayst
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    Sure... update too. It seems it's now importing comments from FB into the wordpress commenting sytem, but as you can see the screen capture is actually marked to replace wordpress comments with facebook. Now, does it do this maintaining the look/feel of the wordpress system? I thought it would swap it out for 100% facebook looking comment fields.

  • Vladislav
    • Dead Eye Dev


    Just to clarify, there are two separate things bundled under "Facebook comments" settings.

    The first one is related to WordPress comments. It syncs comments on your posts on Facebook to your WordPress, as WordPress comments. This happens hourly, or when you click the "Import comments now" link in plugin settings. Note that this process can fail if Facebook is experiencing difficulties.

    The second thing is, well, Facebook Comments (external). This is a separate thing, and adds a Facebook Comments box (and comments) to your posts. You can switch this on/off with "Use Facebook for comments". The very last option ("Override WordPress discussion settings") forces Facebook Comments to ignore any WordPress settings for comments, which enables you to use Facebook Comments instead of WordPress ones. To switch to Facebook Comments completely and use that instead of WordPress comments, you'll need to disable WordPress comments on your blog too (in Settings > Discussion).

  • dehayst
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    Makes sense. I'm not sure that the first one is updating hourly, but seems to work when I push it via the "import comment now"

    The second doesn't seem to take over at all. Even if I disable WP comments in Settings > Discussion. Now, it worked ok when I was using the Facebook Comments plugin by we8u, but now that's uninstalled, and I'm just using yours, but going 100% facebook to override WP ain't happening.

  • Martin Koss
    • The Incredible Code Injector

    Perhaps I should have started a new thread for this but since it relates to comments as well as other important issues, hope it gets seen here...

    I am also lacking the comments box.
    Latest version of WP and the plugin.

    On the home page I only get the 'Like' button.
    On some posts I get the 'Like' and 'Send' button.
    On some posts I only get the 'Like' button.
    On Pages I only get the 'Like' button.

    The comments box does not appear at all.

    When someone clicks 'Like' the post gets shared on their profile wall but, although the title includes a link back to the post in the sub-site (eg: domain.com/sitename/post/) on the multi-site, the link below it is to the master (top level) of the domain (eg: domain.com), which should be a link back to the sub-site (domain.com/sitename/).

    And it goes on (sorry):
    The plugin posts to the page I've set it to post to. But...
    I have the plugin set to post to a page and set the 'Auto Post' to 'Post AS Page when posting to a page' but it posts as me.

    Sorry to list so many problems...



  • Martin Koss
    • The Incredible Code Injector

    Ah ha moment:

    I just tested on a few different themes and the comments box appears on newer themes.
    It seems the newer themes (I guess because of the latest WP enhancements) are required for this plugin to work?

    Hope there's a fix for all the other issues too!

    I am so pleased I went on a "I will figure this out" mission now.

    Next job: update all themes on my network before people start shouting at me.


  • Martin Koss
    • The Incredible Code Injector

    A couple of screen grabs:

    1. Showing an error when 'Like' is clicked.


    2. Showing a comment on the Facebook wall of the user who commented.

    The comment was posted on a sub-site, not the parent site, yet there are 2 links back to the parent site.

    This is not good for a site owner on a network, they wouldn't be too thrilled to see 2 links to the parent site whenever someone comments on a post or page in their (sub) site on the network.

    Is there a way around this?


  • dehayst
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    I did the custom hook as instructed on the other thread. That got it to show up. I still can't disable the WP comments though. I'm also concerned that if I do disable WP Comments my blog summaries won't display the comment counts if done through Facebook will they? Is there a way to make sure the comment count reflects facebook comments?

  • Mason
    • DEV MAN’s Sidekick


    I still can't disable the WP comments though.

    That's because your theme isn't using the updated function. If you'll post the code of the entire file to something like pastebin.com and provide a link here. I'll take a look at it.

    I'm also concerned that if I do disable WP Comments my blog summaries won't display the comment counts if done through Facebook will they? Is there a way to make sure the comment count reflects facebook comments?

    I don't believe so. The comment system with Facebook is totally separate so it won't show in the admin or next to any comment count.


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