Facebook Comments migration / transfer

Hello I’m trying to launch my clients website today and they are using facebook comments instead of wordpress comments. I’m not familiar with facebook comments but thought that they would be stored on facebooks servers and be synced to the blog url structures.

I created a new database and instance of their blog so that should something happens it’s as simple as switching names on their settings and the old blog pops right back up. They simple have it stored as the folder /blog/ under their domain so there’s no special domain mapping and all that. Just change the folder name to /blog.old/ and put the new folder as /blog/ and the switch happens easily. With the new duplicated blog and new database as well.

PROBLEM: Facbook comments are NOT showing up in the new blog. Even when the blog URL’s have not changed one iota.

How can I fix this so that they will show. I don’t understand what has gone wrong and how to get the comments to show on the new blog that shares the same URL structure.




  • Arun Basil Lal
    • New Recruit

    Hey Cathie,

    Am not sure how that plugin works, our Ultimate Facebook plugin imports Facebook comments into the database, so you should be able to move it around. Maybe the plugin doesn’t import comments into the database.

    However, since the link structure is the same, why not import comments again? That should do the trick., right?

  • CathieHeart
    • Site Builder, Child of Zeus

    I copied the wp_comments and the wp_commentsmeta over from the old database to the new one and the comments are from a few years back and then only trackbacks since then.

    The comments don’t reside within the database that I can spot. I’m unsure how if I used your Ultimate Facebook plugin that it could ‘copy’ the comments. They don’t want their original blog altered or added to in any way which means I couldn’t grab comments and thought that facebook would keep and control them.

    So confused now with how facebook comments are stored and revealed on their blog posts. http://www.zachandjody.com/blog/


  • CathieHeart
    • Site Builder, Child of Zeus

    Is there a way to use ultimate facebook to capture their existing facebook comments and then transfer them over to the new blog?

    The only things I have is their app id and app secret .. no actual access to their facebook developer admin accounts.



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