Facebook Comments multiple pages


Recently we made our site multilingual. We added a German language. We also created a German Facebook page for Debating Europe. Facebook comments are being imported from the Engels Facebook page correctly but they are not being imported from the German page.

When we go to the Facebook Comment settings there are ALOT of checkboxes for accounts to skip (we have reversed logic on so we only check those who we want to import). Checking the new Facebook page's ID didn't work because the POST to the settings contained too many values (URL too long). I countered that by deleting 20k checkboxes (via jQuery) and then saving.
The plugin has now saved my 2nd page and displays it as checked on the comment section settings.

But the comments from the newly created page are not being imported. Any suggestions?

PS: We have about 24k linked accounts which makes the comment section way cluttered. Is there anything that can be done about this?