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I have a multisite wordpress installation (same network) , and I want to engag my future subscribers to create an account with their facebook profile... it is the reason why I use utlimate facebook wpmu dev plugin.

It seems to work but The problem : it really slow down my multisite installation.
So I'm wondering if it is possible to configure ultimate facebook (essentially to connect and create acocunt) for only 1 subsite (or 1 page) and disable for all the other subsites.

Tell me if it is possible ?

thx a lot for your support


  • Fulgence Ridal

    Hi Predrag !
    How do you do ?

    In fact, I just want limit Ultimate Facebook, to one subsite (or better -> to one page)....

    Concerning Ultimate facebook, u know, I've made a lot of tests ... and js is very heavy , and sometimes connection between facebook api and my server doesn't work very well (I think facebook API is the prb). It really slow down the whole network. with a big declassification of google algo.

    Login is not the prb ... it works ...
    but just consider my case, there is no reason to have js + connection api/server to all my pages of the network. I just need ultimate facebook to the login page, or a specific page, or a specific site (with one page login/ registration for example) and a page of course to create an account ...

    I think ... I'm clear (both) :wink:


  • Adam Czajczyk

    Hello Fulgence!

    I noticed that Ultimate Facebook usage guide suggest network-enabling the plugin but I just checked it on my site and it seems that it should work well per-site enabled as well. Here's what I think you may want to do:

    - network disable the plugin
    - go to the dashboard of the site you wish it to be enabled
    - activate plugin on that site only and configure it's basic settings
    - then browse through the "Facebook settings" and make sure that all the features such as e.g. comments, like buttons etc are not enabled.

    I think this should lower down resource usage on your setup. Could you give it a try please and let me know about the result?

    Best regards,

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